Even as decent, thinking people excoriate Trump and his neo-Nazi supporters, it’s worth bearing in mind that most likely, the only two political philosophies going through Trump’s shrivelled mind are: Me First! and Make Trump Rich Again!

Unfortunately, behind Trump is an international network of neo-fascists and other far right extremists to whom Trump is likely a useful tool, rather than an active participant and fellow traveller. These are exemplified by public faces such as Tommy Robinson (real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon), and Americans such as Stephen Bannon and the whacko Alex Jones. I doubt their main sources of income are crowd-funding.

Farage is another case in point. Although he abandoned UKIP when they started cosying up to Tommy Robinson because he didn’t want to be tainted by overt neo-fascism, he appeals to the same anti-immigrant, anti-minority, anti-equality, anti-feminist instincts of the worst of the British hard right. Farage might not be keen to admit it, but likely he would be far more comfortable in a hard right dictatorship than any egalitarian democracy.

The movement is European, as well, not just American or British, but fortunately, they did not do all that well in the rest of Europe, losing rather than gaining ground in the recent EU parliamentary elections.

Europe is a monument to trans-nationalistic values, hence the fevered yearning by Farage, Bannon, Robinson and the rest of the rabid right yahoos to tear it down. A united Europe is a bit tattered around the edges, and needs considerable reform. It is also a vast bulwark for peace and requires preservation. Otherwise we return to pre-War instabilities.

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