Wouldn’t THAT be a lark!

Brexit: Nicola Sturgeon says Scotland should be allowed to ‘stay in EU single market’ if Northern Ireland can

Or indeed, why not Wales and London, according to Welsh First Minister Carwyn Jones and London mayor Sadiq Khan, who both said they wanted similar Brexit deals. And who can blame them. Why should the Irish be singled out as the only part of Britain to escape Tory disaster?

Still, I doubt Sturgeon was really serious, just performing some well deserved political mischief upon the hapless May, who should have seen it coming.

Of course now this heralded deal has been scuppered b the DUP, who quite reasonably point out they can hardly stay part of the European customs union while still being part part of the United Kingdom Of Great Britain And That Bit Of Ireland Which Both Is And Isn’t Ruled From London, we’re back to where we started. How can May create and sustain a political contradiction: a customs border without having an actual border with controlled movement of people, services and goods?

If May had wit enough she would realise that preserving peace in Ireland is well worth continued membership of the European Union, but she is so focused on being outside the customs union, she can’t see the bigger picture. So she’ll have to try and find some other way to fudge it and keep the fractious Tory party in one piece.

Good luck with that. She can’t square a circle.

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