World fascists applaud Johnson’s selection as PM

Far-right leaders join Trump in welcoming Boris Johnson to No 10

Rightwing, populist and nationalist leaders have welcomed Boris Johnson’s imminent arrival in Downing Street after Donald Trump praised the UK’s new prime minister as a “Britain Trump” who was “tough and smart” and would “do a great job”.

In Italy, Matteo Salvini, leader of the far-right, anti-immigration League and deputy prime minister, wished Johnson “all the best”, adding: “The fact that on the left they are painting him as ‘more dangerous than the League’ makes me like him even more.”

Brazil’s authoritarian far-right president, Jair Bolsonaro, added his congratulations, tweeting that Johnson had been elected “on a commendable commitment to respect the wishes of the British people” and could “count on Brazil in the pursuit of free trade … and the defence of freedom and democracy”.

Tories certainly have the prime minister they deserve, a braying jackass. Boris, like Trump, has no real policies or doctrine. With the pair of them, their only actually policy is ME FIRST. They are both racists, though Trump seems to go a bit further with his support of white supremacy, and neither cares a jot or whistle for ordinary folk. Both are in it to profit themselves.

One can only hope that enough Tory MPs will recover some sense of decency and vote for a second referendum on Brexit, or a new election, and that Boris will be the briefest tenant of 10 Downing Street ever.

The UK as a whole can’t laugh at the US about Trump any more. Our only saving grace is that the British people didn’t select Boris, any more than the Americans voted for Trump by a majority. They are two fascistic disasters.

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