Will the Tories stop taking Russian money?

Boris Johnson is keen we don’t jump to conclusions about Russia – but only where Tory money is concerned

Boris Johnson is keen to blame the Russian state and Putin himself for the nerve agent attack on Salisbury, but when it comes to criticism of donations to the Tory party  from wealthy Russians, ah, then he demands evidence the money is dirty! Salisbury attack, no evidence needed! Tory donations? Prove it’s dirty money, where’s your evidence!

I mean it’s obvious all wealthy Russians made their money cleanly, and none of them are filthy oligarchs, criminals, mobsters and assorted gangsters like Vladimir, amirite?

Maybe, just possibly, the party ruling Britain, though propped up by the DUP, might think twice about happily accepting donations from a country they are claiming is attacking Britain? Ya think?

Or do the Tories have no more depth than Donald Trump? Oh, wait, he’s in collusion with Putin as well!

We are ruled by total arseholes.

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