Will Jeremy listen? Probably not.

Brexit: 80 senior Labour figures tell Jeremy Corbyn party will ‘never be forgiven’ if it backs leaving single market

More than 80 senior Labour figures have fired off a warning to Jeremy Corbyn that leaving the EU single market could scupper his efforts to ease austerity.

In a sign of the deep rifts within the party over its Brexit approach, the group of MPs, peers and union leaders said the move would risk a “multibillion pound hit to the public finances” and make the party’s manifesto plans for schools, hospitals and social care unaffordable.

The alliance, which includes prominent figures such as Chuka Umunna and Lord Kinnock, told Mr Corbyn that Labour would “never be forgiven” if it backed leaving the single market.

Indeed I will never forgive Labour if Corbyn chooses to abandon Europe. Brexit is the stupidest political idea ever. Staying in Europe doesn’t mean not having trade relationships with the Commonwealth, or other countries. It means being part of a partnership with our nearest neighbours.

Jeremy needs to get that through his thick socialist head. I am not optimistic.

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