Will Corbyn ever do the right thing about Brexit?

Jeremy Corbyn urged to work with opposition parties to stop hard Brexit

Never trust a politician to do the right thing. Corbyn has never been a fan of Europe, and as he watches May and the feckless Tories drunkenly steer the UK to the brink of disaster, I think he is caught dithering. On the one hand, he’s always wanted to be out of Europe. On the other, it’s clear that leaving Europe is going to be economically damaging in the short to medium term, and those hit hardest will be working stiffs that vote Labour and who will lose jobs by the hundreds of thousands when they get exported elsewhere.

The sensible thing to do would be to reverse Brexit. If we want to be part of a common market with the rest of Europe, then it makes sense to be part of the decision-making apparatus, so we can influence the direction Europe goes. But is Corbyn sensible, or just another ideologue similar to the Tory Brexiteers?

That the leaders of the other opposition parties have to write to him pleading to take some sort of stance in favour of a customs union at least, says that the ideologue is winning in Jeremy’s internal turmoil, and that’s not good for Britain. I trust Corbyn about as far as I trust May.

Voting SNP is looking better and better.

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