Why I haven’t bothered to comment on the Sergei Skripal poisoning

What’s so outrageous about Corbyn backing the Magnitsky powers? They are the only thing that would work against Putin

First, all we really have is speculation and accusations without presentation of actual evidence. Now, I can imagine there are good reasons why the UK government should want to reserve evidence, in an ongoing investigation, but I really wonder why Theresa May has to grandstand, issuing deadlines to Moscow she knows will never be kept? What does the silly biddy think she can actually do in the short term? Invade Russia? Without hard evidence, she can’t even rally our allies in support, least of all that Putin sycophant Donald Trump.

Second, what is this stupid Tory criticism of Corbyn about? Now, I appreciate that Corbyn could have been more supportive of action against attacks on British citizens, and it was not just a Russian double agent under attack. He misjudged the call.  Still, I don’t think his reminder that the Tory party benefit from donations by Putin supporters is inapt, neither do I think his support of Magnitsky powers, the ability to sequester accounts by Russian oligarchs and representatives held in the UK, is inappropriate. I wonder why Tories oppose this, as money is the way to get at Putin, given that an actual invasion is not merely impractical, but totally bonkers.

Third, why hasn’t May offered to share the evidence with neutral arbitrators under the Chemical Weapon Convention. I’m not claiming she’s anything to hide, Russian involvement is perfectly plausible  given the number of Russians opposed to the Kremlin who have lost their lives, but if we are heading into the area of international hostilities, a bit of actual evidence, you know, why do we think this is the case, would be helpful.

Especially as no-on in their right minds trusts Theresa May.

This is serious stuff. I don’t trust the Russians, but I have no reason to trust the Tory government either. Maybe they could give me one.

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