Why all the secrecy?

Brexit: Theresa May under growing pressure to reveal true cost of divorce bill amid Conservative unrest

Here’s what I don’t get. Why is May so keen to ram Brexit through even without parliamentary approval when she doesn’t even have a majority? And why bother hiding the cost at all? It will all come out in the end when the bill is presented and the parliament and government of that day has to pay it. And we can be sure it won’t be hers, weak and wobbly as she is.

There is a stench of anti-democracy in the Tory leadership. They are secretive because they are ashamed of what they are doing. Like criminals everywhere, they do not want to be found out.

And the other thing I’d be interested in seeing is a comparison of the cost of Brexit to the cost of staying in Europe. Evidently that is something the woman who parroted the slogan “Strong and stable. Strong and stable! STRONG AND STABLE!!!”, only to go down in ignominious defeat, doesn’t want us to know.

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