Whoa! There are civilised Republican voters in Alabama? Who knew?

Roy Moore’s defeat is the biggest sign of hope for Americans wanting to stop Trump

Alabamans very narrowly voted to elect Roy Moore’s Democrat opponentĀ Doug Jones in an unexpected upset. There’s been no indication up till now that right-wing Christian evangelicals are particularly turned off by substantial accusations of sexual predation – they still massively support Trump despite the evidence of many women against him. But not enough to elect Moore, despite The Donald’s belated support.

Given that many Christian evangelicals, perhaps even most, are the sworn enemies of almost everything good and decent, this is a surprising result.

Donald took it in the teeth, claimed he didn’t think Moore would win – and maybe support from The Donald was also a factor in this remarkable vote in the most conservative state in the Union – but it’s made governance much more difficult for him. And rightly so.

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