Who the fuck is Princess Michael and why does she have a man’s name?

Princess Michael of Kent wears ‘racist’ brooch to Queen’s Christmas lunch attended by Meghan Markle

Admittedly, the jewellery in question is pretty ugly, and whether it is a deliberate avowal of racism, I can’t tell. However, we do know we have lots of racists to contend with in these blessed isles. Whether the “princess” is one or not, I don’t care because I haven’t a clue who or why she is at all. Can’t even be bothered to google her.

I suppose the queen is entitled to invite whoever or whatever she wants to her exclusive lunches. Which brings me to the topic of monarchy. Why bother with it at all?

The main argument for is that it is traditional. It’s the way the British have done things for hundreds of years. Of course we also had colonialism for dozens of decades and gave that up as a bad job, but not the monarchy. It’s the one leftover of Henry VIII that lingers without end. Besides the Church of England, and why we still have that, I’ve no idea.

The argument against is that this is a publicly financed and growing family of privileged layabouts that do nothing for their upkeep besides opening things and waving royally at the public. True, some of the males do pubic service in the armed forces which are careful of their privileged status, and the females do laudable charitable work, which is more smiles than actual labour.

Despite the negatives, a potent argument against abolishing the monarchy is: what do we put in its place? President May? One shudders at the thought. At least May can be removed without a presidential election when she screws up. On the other hand, she hasn’t been removed when she screwed up.

Either way, uneasy lies the head that wears the crown.

I have to admit I don’t know which is better. A monarchy that supports useless butterflies wearing blackamoor jewellery on the public purse, or a republic that can elect monsters like Donald Trump. Butterflies… monsters… hmmmmm.

I give up.

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