Whither Brext spinners?

EU results.

Northern Ireland not yet reporting, but the results are clear. Brexit, as anticipated by the predicted Tory collapse, comes first over all of England, except London where Lib Dems did well. In Scotland, the beneficiary of the protest vote is the SNP. UKIP is a devastated loser, not even the odious neo-Nazi Tommy Robinson (real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon) getting a seat.

So the Faragistas did better than they did in 2014, getting an extra 5 seats over what UKIP had won then and 29 out of 70 EU Parliament seats. Not a pretty result, and it will be spun by Tory PM wannabees as proof that they need to be even more right wing and anti-foreign than they already are. Well, they have been left with a rump of 4 seats in the parliament, and they have no-one to blame but themselves.

Labour isn’t crowing, either. They managed to hang on to only half their seats, ending up with 10. The only saving grace is their vote didn’t collapse as badly as the Tories’. God knows what lesson they will learn, as it is not obvious Jeremy is capable of learning in his advanced years.

The other winners were the pro-EU Lib-Dems who increased their representation from 1 to 16, and the pro-EU Greens who picked up up an additional 4 seats to end with 7.

So in summary, the Brexiteers, the only definitely anti-EU party (besides most of the Tories), ended up with just under a third of the vote (31.6% and 29) seats, and the definitely pro-EU parties (SNP, Plaid Cymru, Lib-Dems and Greens) end up with another third (37% and 27 seats). Labour and Tories managed 23.2% and 14 seats between them. No telling how the pro/anti-EU vote is divided among that lot, likely mostly pro-EU on the whole. (Note: the 3 NI seats still undeclared as they use the STV system.)

So definitely not a resounding vote to leave the EU, which agrees with opinion polls results, that there currently remains a majority in the UK to stay in the EU, and that if a referendum were held, the leavers would lose it. But doubtlessly we can leave it to the lyin’ pols to spin it as something different.

The SNP didn’t do as well as I had expected but still, they gained half the Scottish seats. I fully expect Westminster pols will ignore the danger that separating Britain from the EU increases the likelihood of a separation of Scotland from the rest of the UK as a consequence, as Scots are pro-EU. However, I get the feeling like with Tory pols like the boorish Boris Johnson, the UK’s answer to Donald Trump, it’s not so much a matter of principle, as personal power. He doesn’t care what gets destroyed, so long as people are kowtowing to him while all perish in flames.

So not a good outcome for those who believe in a united Europe, but not the huge sweep against Europe so many will claim it to be. A lot of seat reshuffling between parties, to be sure, but the remainers remain in the majority.

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