Whither Brexit?

Who the fuck knows?

Finally, Corbyn is about to bare Labour’s teeth over Brexit – and he could put May’s Government in jeopardy as he does

To be honest, Corbyn baring his teeth is like unto being savaged by a dozy sheep. Labour’s policy on Brexit is no more coherent than the Tory disaster.

But there are points of leverage. The open border between Northern Ireland and the Republic is one. Neither party has been able to explain how the border can remain open after Brexit happens, and neither is willing to deal with the consequences of closing it.

This alone should be enough to scupper Brexit, if Labour is willing to summon the courage to face the issue.

As for the customs union or disunion, no-one knows what either party will settle for.

Corbyn has an opportunity to seize control of the debate, by stopping waffling and settling on a policy that will challenge May’s incompetently vacillating government.

It remains to be seen if he can do that. So much the worse for Britain if he can’t.

SNP keeps looking better and better as a voting option.

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