Whither Brexit?

Who knows?

Brexit delay: Tory minister says taking part in EU elections would be ‘suicide note’ for party

He told BBC Radio 4’s Today: “If we can’t get Labour to agree I think it’s important that parliament acts quickly now to decide what it is in favour of – whether it is through some voting mechanism where we have a single transferable vote and we vote on all the different deals.

“We need to do that quickly because I think going into the EU elections for the Conservative Party, or indeed for the Labour Party, and telling our constituents why we haven’t been able to deliver Brexit I think would be an existential threat.

“I would go further and say it would be the suicide note of the Conservative Party.”

The entire British political system has written its suicide note. It started with the choice to have a referendum on EU membership at a time when voters were already disgruntled with the establishment. And it’s gone downhill from there.

The man has a point. No telling what the hustings would produce right now, and it is all thanks to his party screwing up. I’ve read that May is now driven by the threat of the UK breaking up as her political legacy. She should take it seriously. The Scots Nats are dancing in the streets and a united Ireland is on the cards. I’m happy with both those outcomes, as a means to deliver us from Tory occupancy.

That’s one reason Tory MPs don’t want a general election. They are justifiably afraid of losing their jobs.

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