Whither Brexit?

Well, Theresa May hasn’t covered herself with glory on the Brexit front, either. Fellating Trump isn’t going to solve her problems here, especially as Trump identified himself with the anti-immigrant Tories and Farage’s racist UKIP.

Brexit: Theresa May’s plans cast into doubt after savaging from eurosceptic Tory MPs

This plan, touted (not by May!) as a soft Brexit, isn’t going to satisfy the anti-European isolationists of the Tory right wing who want to cut off all bureaucratic, legal and commercial entanglements with Europe. It is likely not to satisfy the Europeans who will see it as an attempt to cherry-pick¬† good deals and avoid bad ones. And it certainly doesn’t satisfy those who want Britain to remain a committed part of the EU, or keep the UK’s access to European markets, goods and services as free as now. That includes British industry and commerce, who are poised to flee Britain’ shores if May gets her way..

In short, the worst of all worlds. The only thing it satisfies is May’s need to spend another few days as mistress of Downing Street, just by virtue of being published. It doesn’t even get Trump’s support. I give it the lifespan of a mayfly, and what happens to May’s government after that is anyone’s guess at this point. Her only saving feature is that most of the Tory front runners are even more unthinkable than she is. Rees-Mogg? Boris?¬† Gove? Ugh. But a soft Brexit just may rip the Tories apart.

The final two options might be staying in Europe, or leaving it with no deal at all. It doesn’t take the IQ of a gnat to realise that staying is a better deal than anything the Tories are able to offer or deliver.

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