What would an intelligent and rational person do?

EU demands in next round of talks set to enrage Cabinet Brexiteers, leak reveals

Leaked documents show chief EU negotiator Michel Barnier wants to make giving the UK a good transition deal conditional on Britain’s “automatic” acceptance of new Brussels regulations during the likely two-year period after March 2019.

Well, well, well… I think that would enrage anyone. It’s not an acceptable POV. Any toddler told by its parents what to do without having a say in the matter might feel a tad irate. What to do, what to DO???

One could storm off in a huff, though probably not very far. Hardly into the bosom of a Trumpist USA, or a dominant China.

Or, one could just reconsider whether the current course of action is a prudent one. Britain with the cooperation and support of its European partners is in a strong international position. Ex-Britain is just that. A washout.

True, we can’t to anything and everything we want while in the union, just when we want it. But, to switch metaphors, the pack is is stronger together. Just as Europe is stronger with Britain in it, rather than being an offshore headache, we are better off siding with European economic muscle.

Rather than wrecking Britain by leaving Europe in a huff, wouldn’t it be more sensible to stay in and reform it? Europe is going to be there with or without Britain’s input. Better to have influence over its development and constitution than to be an offshore island embattled by its storms.

It was a Conservative, Ted Heath, who, for all the flaws that came to light afterwards, had the vision to see Britain as part of Europe, and now it’s another Conservative, a Maggie Thatcher Wannabe, the dolorous Theresa May, who wants to destroy it to save a political career that has already failed. She’s no Maggie – well, just as well, really, it would be no credit to her if she were.

Oh, the irony. The Tories flipping and flopping without any central purpose.


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