What the fuck???

UK Politics Boris Johnson compares Putin and Russia World Cup to Hitler hosting the 1936 Olympics

What in the anals (no, that isn’t misspelled) of global arseholitude inspired the Boris to make this emetic comparison? True, Putin is a tyrant, a dictator who manipulates elections and is perfectly capable of poisoning his former enemies. He did work for the KGB. He’s no democrat or believer in human rights. Is the Boris?

Whatever nasties lurk in Putin’s closet, and I’ve no doubt there are some doosies, he’s not Hitler, not yet. Hitler devised a systematic method of genocide for a group of humans he had singled out for blame and hatred. He created a state terrorist machine for this purpose of rigorous extermination. That was a colossal infraction of human rights, it was dehumanising. So far, Russian gays apart, the only group of humans singled out for hatred by Putin is May’s misgoverment, and there is no evidence as yet he is thinking of genocide in this regard.

Maybe Boris is anxious for his own skin, and needs to stir up trouble to save his neck in the next cabinet reshuffle, which is as close to genocide as this situation is likely to get. Trouble is, when you pull out the Nazi and Hitler cards, you tend to lose what little credibility you had left.

The question is not why are we governed by idiots, but why do we keep voting for them after we discover they are idiots? Why is Boris till in Parliament, let alone the cabinet? At least in the UK we do have the electoral option to get rid of nutcases, yet we so rarely do. In theĀ Soviet Union, sorry, Russia, they don’t. Russians have the excuse of never having a real choice. We don’t have that in the UK. We just don’t take advantage of the opportunity to make intelligent choices.

Which is why we still have Boris.

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