What stresses Donald Trump: an analysis of his speeches

This is actually quite interesting.

What Makes Donald Trump Uncomfortable? A Statistical Analysis

This is a semi-scientific analysis of what topics or phrases cause Trump to exhibit stress in his speaking patterns. It’s not perfect, doesn’t include phrases like “global warming/climate change” or “science/environment”, which he is attacking with a vengeance. But it’s an interesting spectrum.

More detailed chart in the link .

The article analyses “170.23 hours of video, spanning 30,899 unique segments (1- to 3-word sentences are a unit in our database based on size), from 1980 through this week, covering 1,634,208 words.” It omits data spikes less than 4 seconds long.

It points out that stress is not a lie detector, just an indicator of what topics make a speaker emotional by detecting deviations outside of 8-12 Hz in vocal frequency. Over 12 Hz is considered stressed or excited in this type of analysis, under 8 is relaxed.

Topics and phrases that stress the US president include: god bless you, god bless America, god, making America great again, thanking anyone, build that wall, illegal immigration. Topics and phrases he is relaxed with include Barack Obama, a lot of money, terrorism, infrastucture, and the New York Times.

Now, it’s open to speculation why some topics stress or excite America’s Dear Leader, and others relax him. And the article quoted above comes to no conclusion. So don’t blame them for this… given that independent evidence marks him as a congenital liar, one might reach some admittedly unscientific, but intuitive conclusions. I think he’s stressed when he is telling porkies about his beliefs, but relaxed when he tells you the lies he believes are true. They’re all lies, of course. He can’t help it. It’s what he is.

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