What on earth does Amber Rudd think she’s doing?

Amber Rudd ‘made a mistake but didn’t mislead’

Apparently that’s the new Tory line.

Ms Rudd faced calls to resign from her position as home secretary after telling MPs earlier this week there had been no targets for migrant removal then later admitting “local” targets existed.

In a series of late night tweets on Friday, she apologised, saying that although her office had been copied into the document she did not see it herself.

So she is desperate to get herself out of the pickle Theresa May got her into. Either Rudd knows what she is doing and manages her department so the responsibility for its actions is hers, or she’s a clueless and mendacious ninny adrift in Whitehall, with no knowledge of what her department is doing, or what she ought to do.

Either way, resignation is the way to go. The Tory government is a disgrace, the prime minister has no credibility, and now neither do any of her ministers.

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