What are the consequences of blocking Brexit?

Grayling claim Brexit block could boost far right is ‘gutter politics’

Chris Grayling’s claim that blocking Brexit could lead to a rise in far-right extremism is dangerous scaremongering and a desperate attempt to shore up the prime minister’s Brexit deal, campaigners and MPs have said.

The transport secretary told the Daily Mail that Britain would become a less tolerant and more nationalistic society if it failed to leave the EU. He said reversing the referendum result would result in the 17 million people who voted to leave feeling cheated and urged colleagues to support Theresa May’s deal.

“People should not underestimate this,” he said. “We would see a different tone in our politics. A less tolerant society, a more nationalistic nation. It will open the door to extremist populist political forces in this country of the kind we see in other countries in Europe.

“If MPs who represent seats that voted 70% to leave say, ‘Sorry guys, we’re still going to have freedom of movement’, they will turn against the political mainstream.”

It’s not as though the Daily Mail isn’t in favour of an intolerant and nationalistic society. And what about the 16 million who voted to stay? To Grayling and the Daily Mail, they may as well go fuck themselves, the fucking losers.

Still, there is a fascist trend amongst some of those who oppose EU membership. That trend likes violence. Is that a reasonable argument to stop Brexit? That it will stoke fascist activism?

Whatever happened to supporting the British economy? That is not something Tories are interested in doing. They want out, whatever the consequences which they do not care about. Period.

Maybe some Tories aren’t total arseholes, but most, including the fuckers who run the Daily Mail, are.

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