What a surprise! One accused sex abuser supports another.

Who would have thunk it?

Roy Moore: Donald Trump tells Alabamans to ‘get out and vote’ for accused candidate

With respect to senatorial candidate Roy Moore, repudiated by the Republican Senate leadership, it’s a matter of whether to believe his numerous accusers, or a known, lying, Christianist, neo-fascist hypocrite like him. These Christianist evangelical types have a bad reputation for diddling little boys and girls. Much like Catholic priests and nuns. They do love them some innocents.

With respect to Trump, aka President Pussygrabber, all he believes in is his own importance and vanity. He’d support anyone who props it up. Hence he’ll do anything to distract attention from the investigation into his campaign’s collusion with Vladimir Putin’s stooges to change the course of the 2016 presidential election.

While I hope for an election upset in Alabama, I don’t realistically expect it. These good Christianist folk would vote for Satan himself if he said he was a Republican for “family values”, which is code for opposition for women’s freedom to have an abortion, and anything other than the death penalty or forced conversion therapy for gays.

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