Well, this is intriguing

North Korea: Donald Trump agrees to meet Kim Jong-un as dictator pledges no new nuclear tests

Apparently the two dictators, actual and would-be, have agreed to meet. Well, they have much in common: childishness, tantrums, insecurity, overwhelming egos… what’s not to like?

If Trump does miraculously succeed in bringing about a rapport between the two Koreas, and bringing an end to the nuclear threat from North Korea, that will be a signature accomplishment that has eluded previous administrations. If he does it, even I will admit the orange orang-utan has done something useful with his otherwise wasted life. Maybe even earn a Nobel Peace Prize.

I am not holding my breath, though. Neither of these characters is stable, intelligent or competent. Neither is a diplomat.

So let’s wait and see. I predict this will fizzle, though I hope it won’t. And I will be happy to eat my words if it doesn’t.

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