Well! The tell-all book about Trump is about to break out in the US

Michael Wolff: Trump has no credibility and White House staff all say ‘he is like a child’

Trump is in an uproar. Says that Bannon, quoted in the book, has lost his mind. Trump’s lawyers are lawyering all over the place threatening libel suits and worse. And for what? If the book  by Wolff is obviously a pack of lies, why over-react? Laugh it off as the off-colour joke it supposedly is.

It is a titillating, tell-tale, allegedly insider account of events in the White House after the sad inauguration (not enough celebrities, apparently), and stories from before. But is it? It’s that hard to tell.

None of the lurid allegations against Trump and his nepotic family are exactly incredible. They all sound as though they could be true, given what we know of Trump’s narcissistic man-child character and documented horrible history of abuse and incompetence. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if some or all of them are true.

Trump has loudly denied it, of course. At the top of his twitter, in an insane over-reaction. Tony Blair has denied his courtesy appearance, but then, his own grasp of veracity is pretty dubious.

But the author, Wolff, isn’t exactly a monument to veracity, either. He has been accused of sharing Trump’s relationship to Truth… hypothetical and best discarded when inconvenient. Same for Blair.

So… Trump’s attempts to silence the author are going to fail. Free speech and all that. Libel ain’t gonna work here. Trump is President, not a private individual. He has to be able to take it as well as he dishes crap out. And let’s face it, his character was never noble enough to besmirch. He always was an asshole. That’s all going to backfire on Trump.

But suppose Trump’s minions actually manage to disprove specific allegations? (Credibly, not through a Blair denial.) A long shot, but let’s suppose. That discredits the opposition to Trump. Wolff supposedly sat in on meetings with Trump insiders, interviewed 200 of them. Suppose all that is is fake, approved by Trump? Could this be… a conspiracy theory!!!?

Lord knows. With an administration this chaotic and mendacious, it’s hard to sort out reality from Trumpist fabrication. Trump lies as easily as he breathes. He and/or his minions may have lied to Wolff. Or Wolff may have lied about them. Or they are in cahoots. Or Wolff is spinning a tall tale rather than a tell-tale and mixing facts with fantasy. Or the book is entirely, coldly, rationally and factually true, which I rather doubt, but I could be wrong. Take your pick.

Pass the popcorn. 🙂

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