Voter ID laws: Tories getting desperate

Voter ID checks ‘calculated effort’ by government to make voting harder for disadvantaged groups, warn experts

Government plans to tighten voter identification measures appear to be a “calculated effort” by ministers to make voting harder for people from disadvantaged backgrounds, experts have warned.

In its first in-depth analysis of the plans, the Electoral Reform Society (ERS) said mandatory ID checks at polling stations would “disenfranchise” millions of voters who do not hold any form of photo ID – often due to financial reasons.

Based on research of voter ID checks in the US, the study found the policy, which will force members of the public to show ID before voting, mounts “sizeable barriers” to ethnic minority and lower socio-economic backgrounds wishing to vote.

This is being done in the absence of any evidence of widespread voter fraud. It’s reminiscent of May’s best buddy Donald Trump’s repeated and refuted claim of voter fraud to explain the fact he lost the popular vote, and only scraped through to the White House on electoral college votes, which most Americans have been regretting ever since.

Who in their right minds would want Theresa May perpetuated in Downing Street by manipulating the polls in this way?

Currently, you go to the polls, the teller asks for your address, draws a line through it to show you’ve voted, and you cast your ballot. Where are the hordes of legitimate voters creaming that someone else has voted in their place?

Figures suggest 3.5 million people – 7.5 per cent of the electorate – do not have access to any form of photo ID, while even more (11 million) do not have a passport or driving licence.

The report also suggests that a pilot study to be conducted in several areas of the country – most of which are in the south-east and have below-average unemployment rates – will provide insufficient data to assess the impact of a UK-wide roll-out.

Are they likely to be voting Tory? I rather think not. This is just a blatant attempt by May’s discredited misgovernment to give Tories an advantage they don’t deserve.

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