UKIP goes full Nazi

Ukip proposes creation of Muslim-only prisons in interim manifesto

This, in a country that lost thousands of lives fighting Nazis. So the solution to Islamic terrorism is to lock Muslims up in concentration camps. Fan-bloody-tastic. Arseholes, the lot of them, and I refer to UKIP.

Not that I like Islam any more than I like any religion, religion is pabulum for babies. It’s nonsense. But the day we take steps towards banning religion is the day freedom of thought goes out the window. OK, religious believers believe foolish things. Some, blessedly not many, religious believers incline to violence towards those who do not share their fantasies.

That has always been the case, and it has never been confined to Islam. Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, Jews, and no doubt countless others, have all been guilty of attacking infidels who have fantasies different from their own. That is not an argument for banning any or all religion. We are stuck with religious stupidity, because as soon as we attempt to ban it, we abolish our own freedoms as well.

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