Trump’s Supreme Court nominee in growing trouble, and Brexit

Brett Kavanaugh: Trump’s Supreme Court pick present during ‘gang rape’, third accuser Julie Swetnick claims

The list is growing. Of course, hard-right Christian evangelicals don’t care about the morality of Trump or his appointees. They can overlook anything Trump and his nominee have done to women, because at bottom they are  hypocrites, holier-than-thou liars and shills. So long as Trump and cronies support their radical religious agenda to keep women and gays as second class and oppressed citizens, they will turn a blind eye to any sin. Especially their own.

Why do American politics concern me? After all, I no longer live there. For one, I feel solidarity with Americans. I spent a long time there, and they deserve better than Trump and the religious right extremists. It’s not that Trump actually believes in anything other than himself – he supports them because they support him.

For another, America is, or used to be, a bedrock of democracy and the Western alliance. Lose that, and suddenly the world becomes a far more dangerous place. It’s for this same reason I oppose Brexit. It is splitting us apart.

The reason the EU exists is because Europe has been unstable for hundreds of years, causing many major conflicts, including two very recent world wars. It was to stop this happening again that the European Coal and Steel Community was formed in 1951, uniting Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg, who had been frequently at war or the victims of war. This developed into the Common Market, then evolved into the EU, which now has 28-1 countries, the -1 being the UK.

This has kept war at bay for over 70 years. In 1973, Britain joined to make it stronger as well as to help its own struggling economy, and now the British government and official opposition are seeking to abandon this alliance, potentially destabilising it. In 1975, there was a UK referendum on continued membership of the EEC. The electorate voted ‘Yes’ by 67.2% to 32.8% to stay in Europe.

We entered the EU by government policy, affirmed it by referendum, and now the Brexiteers among Labour and Tories are trying to tell us that a new referendum can’t overthrow a previous one, when that’s precisely what the referendum 2 years ago did. Perhaps they are ignorant of history, as well as the consequences of leaving without a deal. Apparently, according to these hypocrites, the electorate can only change their minds if the Brexiteers approve.

The consequences of destabilising Europe, and turning inward, are potentially disastrous, not just in the short term, but the long. If Brexit starts to unravel Europe, so it breaks up, the bad old days can easily return. Brexiteers do not remember their history lessons, or choose to ignore them. They also ignore Europe’s main adversary, Russia. Breaking Europe apart is music to Putin’s ears, and he’s Trump’s buddy. We cannot be allied to Trump. He’s a bad guy. He lies, is unstable and cannot be trusted. We need allies we can rely on.

Brexit is bad and dangerous policy. It’s a fool’s paradise, leading to calamity. And the danger is that May and Corbyn may become kamikazi allies to bring this about. Pox on the pair of them.

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