Trump’s little triumph

Trump-Kim meeting: Democrats hit out at ‘reality TV handshake’ amid concerns over lack of specific promises from North Korea

Well, let’s not get carried overboard one way or another. Kim didn’t flounce out, and Trump hid his ignorance and stupidity. Could have been a lot worse, and no-one expected much from a first meeting over a handful of hours, anyway. At least they signed more than their napkins, which was my main fear.

Trump gave away more than Kim, but then, he had a lot more to give. No more joint troop exercises (or was it “war games”?) That came as a shock to Japan and South Korea, not to mention some conservative Republicans, but then, Trump likes to surprise. The main beneficiary of that is China, which will be the dominant power in the region if US troops get withdrawn, especially with no further concessions from Kim, as seems likely. He’s not going to give up his little bomb.

Still the main lesson I take home is that Trump is clearly much more comfortable dealing with absolute dictators who have zero respect for human rights. He complained his buddy Putin wasn’t part of the G8 any more – never mind that Putin is a fascist who terrorises his own population and invades neighbouring countries like the Ukraine, he’s a dictator like Trump would like to be.

So is Kim. They project the aura of absolute power Trump would like for himself. He doesn’t like dealing with leaders of democracies, because they remind him of his own limitations.

He’s a man-child.

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