Trump’s cabinet is as ignorant as he is…

Trump’s climate change sceptic environment chief Scott Pruitt flies first class to avoid angry public

Well, I can understand this twit’s desire to avoid critics who point out publicly how stupid he is. He denies science on no rational grounds other than its being politically and commercially inconvenient. Similar to Soviet stooges of their day.

The fact that this mind-blighted whackadoodle has been let loose to destroy the Environmental Protection Agency, just in order to destroy the environment, is enough to condemn Trump, all other issues aside.

But we shouldn’t leave other issues aside. Trump is arguably the worst human being in the world, and a disgrace to America and its presidency. Americans ought to be embarrassed that they elected a twerp like Trump. Most may be regretting it now, but it’s too late. The damage is done, and it will take generations to undo, if it can be undone at all.

Congrats, USA. Fucked up yet again.

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