Trump… where to begin?

Donald Trump ‘repeatedly’ referred to ‘s***hole countries’ in White House meeting says Democrat Senator Dick Durbin

Trump is tweeting frantically to deny it, but he is a known liar. The man has no integrity, but evidently some of his staff do. Some…

US ambassador to Panama resigns because he can ‘no longer work for Trump’

Where are all the other resignations we should reasonably expect? The man is as unfit for the office he holds as a decaying turnip. Why is anyone still working for him, and why have his vice-president and cabinet not invoked the 25th Amendment to remove the twerp from office? Maybe they share his racist, homophobic and misogynistic views? Is that possible? Bloody well is.

At least the toad with the dead yellow weasel on his head has cancelled his UK visit to open the new American embassy in London, while stupidly blaming Obama for Bush’s decision to move it. Thank heavens for small mercies. Theresa May has said the invitation for a state visit stands, so we can be hopeful that won’t happen either.

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