Trump is nothing more than a wrecking ball

Apparently, his sole aim to to bring down everything that was built up without him. It’s what gives him pleasure, maybe even as much as grabbing women by their pussy.


Now, for no understandable reason other than it upsets a lot of people, especially Muslims, he has decided to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Alone among Western nations. The reaction is predictable. And that is what this arsehole revels in: chaos.

Americans must be proud of their choice as president. A narcissistic, thuggish, bullying dilettante who hasn’t the least idea or care what he does, so long as it generates publicity for him. Well done USA.

Is Trump really Putin’s stooge? Looking more and more like it, because the only beneficiary of this cretinous decision to stir the Middle East pot unnecessarily and put extra fire under it is Russia. Trump owes nothing to Netanyahu… but to Putin? Hmmmm… I’m getting convinced.

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