Trump is good for promoting Islamophobia

Islamophobia even worse under Trump than after 9/11 attacks, says top Muslim activist

Well, isn’t that a surprise.

Muslims in America are more vulnerable to bigotry and Islamophobia as a result of Donald Trump’s behaviour and actions than they were after the 9/11 attacks, according to a leading Muslim activist.

As the country approaches the anniversary of Mr Trump’s first year in office, Ibrahim Hooper said such was the level of anxiety and apprehension, many Muslims were fearful to public display signs of their faith. A number of Muslim women, for instance, were deciding not to to appear in public wearing the veil.

“It’s not just Americans Muslims [who feel anxious],” Mr Hooper, a founder of the Council On American-Islamic Relations, told The Independent. “We have have seen white supremacists emboldened under Trump.”

I don’t think it’s so much that Trump is himself a bigot. I think it’s because the only principle he believes in is his own success, welfare and aggrandisement, and he will do and say anything, stir any pot, that he thinks will help achieve that goal. And he picked the fascist pot to stir. That’s his base, and he feeds them bait and encourages the bigotry, because it’s what they like.

I’ve never really seen a moral vacuum, but Trump comes pretty damn close to what I imagine one would look like. There is absolutely nothing to respect or like about the guy. He’s a liar, cheat, carnival huckster, and intellectually, a total tosspot.

He’ll be tickled pink and orange by this:

Jerusalem latest: Donald Trump to have new Israeli train station near Western Wall named after him

*GAG* That will feed his ego.

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