Trump is a professional liar…

We now know Trump is proud of his pathological lying. That makes him much more dangerous than we thought

Not only does Trumps know he lies, he revels in it. He is as comfortable in his lying as a pig in poo. He lives and breathes lies. Lies are the essence of Trump. And yet he, the least trustworthy individual on the planet, is the US President.

Think about it. He sits on the nuclear button. He hires and fires people at will. And no-one except fools and sycophants, and Theresa May, believes a word he says.

You could point to the mobster Vladimir Putin, and claim he’s worse. But he isn’t. He’s bad, but we didn’t elect him, we know what he is, a tyrant. But lots of Americans voted openly and freely for Trump. Yeah, maybe there was some Russian meddling in that election. We don’t have the full story yet, and if Trump gets his way we never will. But Trump is there because he represents a large fraction of Americans, which is a bit unsettling, considering those Americans are supposed to be our allies. And let’s not deny that Putin has a lot of support among Russians. We get the leaders we deserve.

Vladimir and Donald are dictatorial peas in a pod. No surprise they get on so well.

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