Trump is a petulant man-child

Donald Trump threatens to cut ‘billions of dollars’ aid to countries over UN Jerusalem vote

Trump decided to overturn decades of American policy and UN resolutions to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, despite Palestinians claiming it as their own as well, and is moving the US embassy there.

The UN Security Council, including Britain (though it’s doubtful how much longer we will be a permanent member, so far has our stock fallen thanks to Oor Theresa), voted 14-1 against the US, which immediately vetoed the resolution.

The General Assembly is scheduled to vote on Thursday, and Trump has been making threats.

Donald Trump has threatened to withhold billions of dollars in aid from those nations which criticise his controversial decision to unilaterally recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

In a raising of the stakes over the US’s move to recognise Jerusalem and shift its embassy there – something long requested by Israel and their conservative supporters in the US – Mr Trump said he could penalise those countries that voted against the move at the UN.

Previously, the US’s UN Ambassador Niki Haley had warned the US would would be “taking names” of any countries who supported a resolution criticising Washington’s actions. A vote is scheduled to take place on Thursday after the US on Monday vetoed a vote by the UN Security Council that would have demanded Mr Trump reverse his decision.

Taking names!!! Oooooh, that must make world leaders quake in their boots. The Donald is taking their names and threatening to cut off their funding!!! The Donald is mentally still in kindergarten.

Well it wouldn’t surprise me if The Donald does cut off foreign aid. He needs the money for tax cuts for himself and other mega-rich American oligarchs, so he needs some excuse to cut aid. Jerusalem is as good as any other.

Trump is one of the world’s biggest sleazebags. And I suspect the world is about to fart in his face. Just because he’s Trump.

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