Trump finally embraces his racist porcinity.

Trump fires again at congresswomen, accusing them of ‘spewing vile things’

Some are saying Trump has crossed a line by telling 4 American citizens and congressional representatives to “go back where they came from” and “go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came” . Unfortunately, he forgot that “where they came from” is the US, and it’s his government that is inept, corrupt, and totally broken, so they are doing exactly what he demanded they do. How can he possibly complain about that?

But no, they point out the facts, that he is a racist, fascist, white nationalist – and who also has problems treating women as anything other than sex toys, so I think his problem is he doesn’t want to be beaten by a woman… at least not electorally or politically – so he accuses them of “spewing vile things”. Well, what he is, is a vile thing, they can’t help but be vile when they tell it as it is. Trump is a bigoted scumbag without a single moral bone in his fat carcass.

Trump is a vicious excuse of a human being who brings shame to America, and to men in general, that he should think either should be like him. But he’s outed himself in an irreversible way – he’s not just crossed the line, he has accelerated past seeing it at light speed to the point he can no longer reverse himself or fudge the issue. He’s admitted he’s a racist, white nationalist pig, not in so many words, but in his ingrained attitudes to non-whites and especially coloured woman, who threaten his fragile white male ego.

His ardent but brainless fans love him for it; the Republicans will bite their tongues and say nothing because they are afraid of his fascist followers, thus becoming the party for white nationalism; but he’s lost any chance of gaining votes from the centre, and has united Democrats like nothing else could. Where does Trump go from here? Who knows, but hopefully all the way to hell.

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