Trump cosies up to Netanyahu

US Ambassador Nikki Haley tells UN ‘no country in this chamber would act with more restraint than Israel has

Indeed, Israel’s soldiers stood idly by while dozens of Palestinian civilians threw themselves inexplicably on Israeli bullets! Israel is completely innocent of the mounting death toll in Gaza, while they enjoy the spanking new American embassy in Jerusalem that caused the protests. They didn’t ask Palestinians to walk into a hail of bullets, so therefore it must be the Palestinian’s fault that they did.

Sometimes I wonder if creating the State of Israel following WWII and the Nazi Holocaust against Jews was such a good idea in retrospect. It’s given the Middle East no peace and left Israel, a small nation with little room for Palestinians occupying the same territory, fighting for its life every year since it existed. This was the result of the Balfour Declaration of 1917, though it took another 41 years for the State of Israel to come into existence. Perhaps, had some thought been put into it, a solution embracing all populations in the area could have been put into place. But no, we got Israel and Zionism instead, and an ongoing Palestinian unrest which Trump has only stirred up with no better cause other than his own hankering for notoriety and making mischief.

Trump is ultimately responsible for these massacres. There was no pressing need to move the embassy to Jerusalem. He just wanted to make trouble, annoy Muslims, and he got it in spades, the odious little turdblossom.

The irony is, a lot of Trump’s base are assorted right-wingers, fascists and neo-Nazis with no love for Jews, either. It’s not just Muslims they hate with a vengeance. Some of them are running for Congress as Republicans and Trump worshippers. There’s some cognitive dissonance here. Why is Trump with an antisemitic base coddling Netanyahu, and why is Netanyahu so supportive of an American president with an antisemitic base?

I suspect it’s some sort of marriage of convenience. Both politicians are so far to the right it needs a telescope to spot them from the centre. Both hate Muslims obviously and viscerally. I suppose it’s convenient to ignore antisemitism in Republican ranks, when Islam is the common and more pressing enemy. Pox on the pair of them. They have blood on their hands, and it doesn’t wash off.

Clearly Netanyahu is Islamophobic, and so is Trump, but neither Islamophobia nor antisemitism have any place in civilisation. Trump needs to explain why so many of his supporters are antisemites as well as Islamophobes. Well, racist, to cut it short. It doesn’t matter that neither religion makes any sense, no religion does. That’s no excuse for the sort of persecution Trump and Netanyah stand for.

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