Trump campaign

Apparently Trump is re-fighting the 2016 election. His supporters at one of his Nuremberg style rally in Orlando, Florida, this week were chanting “Lock Her Up, Lock Her Up” as if his opponent were Hillary Clinton. Again.

The comment on the rally that sticks in my mind was from Steven Colbert. He said it was appropriate the rally was in Orlando, the home of a Disney theme park, because Trump’s policies are Goofy, and and his supporters are Snow White.

To be fair, there is the rare black sell-out to Trump. so there are a very few shades of colour other than white in his list of oiks, but Trump is a racist, and he’s trying to run his re-election campaign, on a an anti-immigrant basis.

The man is the vilest human on the planet. To be even more fair, most Americans didn’t vote for this egotistical gasbag, that only knows how to stir up divisiveness for his own profit. But the same thing could happen again, if Democrats fail to put up a candidate who can actually address the issues of inequality and economic blight that caused Trump’s election. Wish I could be optimistic.

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