Trump builds his wall

Trump’s border wall has been turned into Lego thanks to a hilarious Photoshop design

Donald Trump controversial border wall on the US/Mexico border is the story that just won’t die and it doesn’t look like the issue is going to go away anytime soon.

So far the subject hasn’t proven to be too amusing.
After all, what’s funny about building a structure, the sole purpose of which, is to keep people out of a country and will eventually come to symbolise this administration’s bigotry and hatred towards another nation?

However, there have been a few opportunities to take a few shots at Trump and his relentless pursuit of the border wall.

Earlier this week Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi became a glorious meme after their rebuttal of the wall, whilst his claims that a “wheel is older than a wall” have also been hilariously taken apart by experts.
Meanwhile, over on Reddit, a man named Chris who goes by the user name of Balderdashhas found a perfect way to mock Trump’s wall – by turning it into Lego.

On the Tiny Trumps subreddit, a page where people photoshop miniature versions of the president into different scenarios, Chris shared an image of Trump building his wall out of Lego and looking as happy as can be.

Sums Trump up. A manchild throwing tantrums. He’s an incoherent idiot in charge of nuclear weapons. This is a bit worrying as all the adults in his maladministration have resigned, What or who is actually stopping him from pushing the button, when he decides to do it? I could easily see him threatening to nuke Democratic states.

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