Tory rebels say why they reject May’s attempt to steamroller Parliament

Tory rebels explain why they defied the Government: ‘We had to make clear [that] hard Brexiteers are not running the country’

“I find it very odd that people are extrapolating so much out of it.”

As it stood before last night, Ms May had promised Parliament a say of sorts over the final deal she agrees in Brussels.

But it would have been a “take it or leave it” vote, with ministers retaining so-called “Henry VIII” powers to enact any deal without first gaining Parliament’s permission – something set out in Clause 9 of the EU (Withdrawal) Bill.

Now, Parliament’s decision to adopt the rebel amendment seven to the bill means the terms of any Brexit deal must first be approved with a full Act of Parliament – effectively allowing MPs to rewrite parts of the deal before any of it is implemented by Ms May.

This is basically a call for May to respect the involvement of Parliament in British politics. After all, if the Tory junta wants to reserve Henry VIII powers to itself, why do we bother electing a parliament at all? Why not just declare Oor Theresa dictatatrix for life? Maybe she could ask Vladimir Putin for pointers.

And for those who say Parliament is not normally required to approve treaties negotiated by the British government, I’d reply that this is a very special case, precisely because of the massive rewriting of British law that it involves, and the government’s attempt to exclude Parliament from the process of modifying British law. Brexit is an unprecedented situation, and should not be left to Tory ministers I wouldn’t trust to run a piss-up in a brewery.

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