Tory clown car rattles on regardless

Either there’s no-one in the driver’s seat, or so many Tory clowns are throwing poo at each other, no-one can get in it.

Leaked Brexit impact assessment: North East and West Midlands would be hardest hit in GDP terms

The impact study, derided by the idiotic Moggster as a fabrication after government minister Steven Baker apologised for the same lie, is leaked.

Deliciously, some regions of the UK that voted massively to leave, will suffer the most from their vote. Soft or hard Brexit, Britain as a whole takes a hit, bigger with hard Brexit, but regions hit hardest are projected to be North East England, West Midlands and Northern Ireland.

North East England voted to leave by a large majority. Eh well, what goes around, comes around. But nowhere in Britain fares well. I doubt that May’s religious faith in the benevolence of Trump’s America, China and Japan is going to make much of a dent there. And what the fuck is the sense of ignoring the market next door for the markets far away?

Tories are idiots. That is why they drive a clown car. It’s the best they can do.

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