Tory baboons are beating their chests

‘If we don’t back Theresa May, we’ll have no Brexit’: Jeremy Hunt issues unprecedented warning

Whatever the cost, we have to have Brexit!!! Brexit is GOOD for you you, it is because we tell you it is, so stop asking questions and eat it up already!!!

But I’m with Vince Cable, the Lib Dem leader.

“It is encouraging to see a senior cabinet minister admit that the option of an exit from Brexit is still on the table.

“This comes as we see growing support amongst the public for a referendum on the deal. The Government must now confirm that Article 50 can be withdrawn and that the country still has a choice over whether to proceed with Brexit.

“As the impact of Brexit becomes clear, from the £50bn divorce bill to years of lower living standards, it’s crucial people have the final say over whether to accept what’s on offer or stay in the EU.”

Indeed, why can’t the rest of us have our say? Why leave it all to to May?

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