Tories never cease to amaze me

What an absolutely uselessly feckless crew of shambolic bastards…

Yes, the Brexit Secretary David Davis really does think there’s no point planning for Brexit

That David Davis has, for some weeks, been blustering over the non-existence of detailed sectoral assessments of the economic risks of Brexit by saying they might in fact exist, has drawn comparisons in some quarters to Schrodinger’s cat.

David Davis’s simultaneous claims that the work has both been done and not done has prompted a number of over-educated wags to imagine these assessments as existing in a simultaneous state of done and not done.

That’s giving the intellectually diminutive Davis more credit than he is due. He lied about the existence of studies about the consequences of Brexit, then said they were secret and couldn’t be made public, and now is forced to admit they don’t even exist.

In one of his final public utterances before deleting his Twitter account, the former Vote Leave director Dominic Cummings memorably described Davis as “thick as mince, vain as narcissus and lazy as a toad”.

A warmly generous assessment of this disaster of a minister. The government has no plans for Brexit, because it not only hasn’t got a clue what Brexit will cause, it doesn’t even care. Doesn’t matter, is the Tory slogan, who cares? We’ve got our jobs and pensions and to hell with the rest.

This entire Tory cabinet ought to go. They aren’t fit to organise a booze-up at the local, let alone run a country. Time to take their jobs away.

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