Tories clueless as always

Brexit ‘war cabinet’ has finally met, though don’t expect it to see what’s been blindingly obvious all along

That on Monday morning, the so-called Brexit “war cabinet” discussed, for the first time ever, what it actually wants to get out of Brexit, has been met in some quarters with surprise.

You might think that the actual, you know, point of all this might have had a bit of airtime around that famous oval table before now.

Well, what twits like Boris Johnson apparently want is to have their cake and eat it. They want free access to European markets while not having to bother with European law or regulations.

Ain’t. Gonna. Happen

Unlike Tory politicians, European leaders aren’t idiots. Tory politicians are clueless twits who decided on Brexit without figuring out an exit path and considering all the consequences. Now they call a Brexit “war cabinet” to think about what they should have thunk about months before this point.

A bigger bunch of stupid layabouts it would be hard to gather.

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