Tories cannot be trusted to govern…

… themselves, let alone a country. Especially not with a leader like that lump of lard, Boris the Bozo.

He’s packed his cabinet with hard right Thatcherites and Randists who only care for the wealthy and healthy, not for the vast majority of Britons. Neither, apparently, do they care for the United Kingdom, as they give the Scots Nats more and more ammunition to leave the Union – and it wouldn’t surprise me if it took a unilateral declaration of independence to do that. Neither do they seem to care if their ideology wrecks Britain’s economy, as they are obsessed with Brexit in order to retain power and outflank Farage. And let’s not forget Tory “austerity” actually means a transfer of money from the poor to the rich. The Tories stand only for the wealthy.

Frankly, they ought to join Farage, as he has more leadership ability than the lot of them combined. At least that way, they’d be being honest.

This has been a palace putsch by the near-fascist paparazzi, and nothing good will come of it. It remains to be seen whether the nominal conservatives still left in the Tory party will rebel against what is coming, or go along with Johnson as spinelessly as the American Republicans have taken to licking Trump’s rotund arse in the US.

Interesting times are really not what we need right now.

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