Tories as the new “revolutionaries”?

The Peterborough by-election result, for a Labour seat, with Labour snatching a narrow victory over Farage’s hodge-podge, mostly neo-fascist Brexit party, leaving the Tories in third place, has been leading to much speculation. Corbyn has assumed it’s a vindication of his strategy of fudging on Brexit leaving people bewildered as to what a Corbyn government would actually do, and hoping he can con the Tories into calling a general election where Brexit would split the anti-Labour vote so much it would result in a Labour government. If he’s still dreaming that, someone needs to wake him up. Tories aren’t going to call an election they know they will likely lose, and to get an election, Corbyn needs Tory votes. Ain’t gonna happen.

Tories are making their own stupid assumptions. They fear – rightly – that Farage is stealing their voters, and some of them think that to get them back, they need to out-Farage Nigel himself, and become even more radical than he is. Farage is only interested in one thing – political power, and to get that, he is willing to tear down everything good about Britain in the EU. He wants to uproot the whole thing. No talk of pruning here or mulching there, no talk of incremental change. He wants a radical separation of Britain from the EU, without any deal whatever. He’s a revolutionary, the very opposite of a conservative. He wants to tear up the status quo, damned what follows. He even has ex-communists on his team.

The Tories are now gripped in the death-struggle for the Maybot succession. She has finally admitted she has failed – and to be fair, the task she had was not one that any other conceivable prime minister would have succeeded at. When you ask a country to jump off a cliff, there is no easy way to do it, but she was spectacularly bad at it.

So what do we have but the Tories’ Mussolini-in-waiting, Dominic Raab.

How Brexit is causing the strange death of British conservatism

As the Brexit party is a revolutionary and extremist one, when Tories like Dominic Raab want to out-flank it and get their far right voters back, they have to become revolutionaries themselves, not conservatives. This creature, Raab, has said that as prime minister, he would prorogue Parliament till after Halloween – the currently anointed day of no-deal Brexit is Oct 31 – in order to prevent it from foiling his evil schemes.

He, like Farage, wants Brexit without any mature consideration of the consequences, probably for the same reasons, a raw grab for political power. He wants it because he is no conservative, he’s a revolutionary radical. And he is eager to destroy British democracy by setting Parliament aside in order to get his way. He isn’t just willing to risk British democracy. He is willing to risk the existence of the UK itself.

Both Scotland and Northern Ireland voted heavily in favour of staying in the EU. As did London. It was the rural and neglected post-industrial wastelands of England that engaged in a protest vote. Take Britain out of the EU without even some sort of a deal, create that much of a revolution, and you will create a momentum that could take Scotland and Northern Ireland out of the UK for ever. Just 3 years ago, I would never have voted for Scottish independence. Now I am seriously considering it, and I am a small “c” conservative who dislikes radical changes, though normally a Labour voter. Of course, a would-be Mussolini like Raab would probably try to prevent democracy working there as well – he obviously has the same respect for democratic institutions Mussolini did.

I despair.

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