To hell with the UK, Jeremy wants his election

Jeremy Corbyn says he wants an election – but what would it be about?

What indeed? Leaving the EU chaotically the May way or the Corbyn way, when there isn’t much difference? Theresa is a horrible prime minister and will be judged harshly by history for her vacillation and incompetence, but would Jeremy accomplish anything more, except perhaps heaping sweeping socialist calamity on a Britain reeling from Brexit?

The way Corbyn has handled the antisemitism furore that’s engulfed Labour in recent weeks does not speak well of his ability to handle Downing Street and it’s far broader complexities. His leadership lacks, well, leadership qualities.

The only way he’s get my support at this point is if he advocates a second referendum, as clearly the current crew of cowardly custards in Parliament couldn’t run a confectionery concession. Or sweet shop, come to that. What he’s done instead is defer leadership and opinion to his party’s conference this week.

It’s clear he wants to leave Europe, which is why his opposition to May has been muted, and he hasn’t taken positions that would add to Labour’s support in the UK, because the way Brexit is going the voting public is turning against it.

Curiously, he isn’t opposed to a second referendum when it comes to Scottish independence. That’s not going to help his chances of governing in Westminster if he loses Scottish Labour MPs. And I’m pretty certain that in the event of Brexit, Scottish independence would surge in support, just to get back into Europe.

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