This sums the Tories up

Compare this Tory cohort to Disraeli, Baldwin, Churchill and Macmillan. Behold how far the party has fallen

“Those who the Gods wish to destroy, they first make mad”, Euripides supposedly observed. Clearly, the Gods now wish to destroy the Conservative Party. Having initially contracted the Euroscepticism virus in the 1980s, this has since morphed into a terminal contagion, which doctors have recently identified as No Dealus Brexitus

The Conservative Party once believed in continuity and stability, encouraged respect for established institutions, venerated knowledge and wisdom, rejected ideology in favour of the tried-and-tested, preferred facts and evidence to theory, favoured incremental change, and revered Britain’s constitutional government based on the sovereignty of Parliament, checks-and-balances, and the “union” of the United Kingdom. Not any more, though.   

Some senior Conservatives (and rabidly pro-Tory newspapers) now denounce judges and senior civil servants as traitors and enemies within, and support the suspension of parliament if it continues to block Brexit. This is after decades of the Conservatives attacking the BBC, the Church of England, the medical profession, the police, teachers, and universities.

I doubt there is even one of the Tory hopefuls who would have any recognition of “Euripides” or that quote. Maybe the Boor Boris, as he’s been reputed to have “read” the classics somewhere in Oxbridge at some point in his lacklustre career. The astonishing thing is that given the quagmire the Tories have stranded us in, there is anyone willing to take up from where the Maybot left us, stranded in a remote political wilderness, and there is not one of them I would trust to lead us out any more than I would trust a rabid polecat.

They have be come the natural party of misgovernment, and hopefully the only thing the new leader will accomplish is blundering into a general election where the lot can be shown the door. Not that the Brexit Party fascists under Farage would be any better, but likely they wouldn’t form the government.

A YouGov poll this week has revealed that the Conservatives’ grassroots members are so obsessed with leaving the EU that 63 per cent of them would support Brexit even if it meant that Scotland left the United Kingdom, while 61 per cent wanted Brexit even if it caused significant damage to the UK economy.

The Tory faithful have gone insane. England has gone insane. Unless this is curable, the sooner we get rid of the United Kingdom, the better.

Moreover, 59 per cent were willing to see Northern Ireland leave the UK in order to attain Brexit. Most bizarre of all, 54 per cent would be prepared to see the Conservative Party itself destroyed if that was the price to be paid for obtaining Brexit. The only scenario whereby Conservative Party members would be willing to forego Brexit is to prevent Jeremy Corbyn becoming prime minister.

!!! Say no more – despite me own doots about oor Jeremy as a fit prime minister, and they are many, this is a party whose members deserve to be institutionalised before they can do more damage to themselves or others.

With polls like this, that the Tory party members are as much of an existential threat to the welfare of the UK as were Hitler or the USSR, it should give anyone pause before wondering whether it is ever worth voting Tory again. These people, the Tory faithful, are dementedly destructive. Some would describe them as psychopaths.

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