Theresa rides again!×31

And here she is at her most obtuse.

May pledge on Irish backstop alarms hard Brexiters

She pledges there will never be a hard border in Northern Ireland.

At her speech in Belfast, May said she would never allow a hard border to be erected on the island of Ireland.

“Northern Ireland does not have to rely on the Irish government or the European Union to prevent a return to borders of the past,” she said at a speech in Belfast. “The UK government will not let that happen. I will not let that happen.”

She’s opening and closing her mouth, and words keep coming out of it, but it is entirely unobvious what the words mean or portend for policy. Apparently there is some rabbit in a hat she means to pull out to prevent a hard border in Northern Ireland even in the event of a pull-out from the customs union.

And she can’t say straight out she won’t pull out of a customs union because she needs the moronic Tory Brexiteers to keep her in Downing St. She has to speak in meaningless code to confuse both sides of her party a to what it is, if anything, she actually plans to do, besides warming her tootsies in front of the No 10 fireplace for as long as she can get away with it. What an appalling shambles of a government and political party. It’s a disgrace.

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