Theresa May witters on…

So she’s had a supper with European leaders – she isn’t one – and what has she achieved?


Despite her positivity, voters believe Theresa May is making little progress with the Brexit talks

A soft Brexit was always the Prime Minister’s goal, and for much of her premiership it has seemed beyond her grasp, frustrated by pressures in her own party and from the EU side of the talks. It may yet prove to be unachievable. Yet if some form of negotiated deal does become a reality in the coming months, it won’t be something to celebrate.

Whatever the terms are, they will be less favourable, by definition, than remaining permanently in the customs union and single market with a strong say on EU decision-making. The free trade deal could appear superficially attractive, and thereby reduce the chance of the final referendum on the settled Brexit terms that the British people deserve. No Brexit, it must be said, is better than soft Brexit.

No Brexit is a good one. Brexit means an isolationist Britain, with no influence in the world, not even in the Commonwealth.

Tories are deluding themselves.

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