Theresa May caught with knickers down, yet again

Theresa May admitted there could be no open border in Ireland if Britain outside the EU, newly emerged video shows

In the video, recorded on June 21, 2016, two days before the referendum, Ms May said: “Just think about it.

“If we are out of the European Union with tariffs on exporting goods into the EU, there’d have to be something to recognise that, between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

That sensible statement, was when she was against Brexit. Now she’s pulled a u-turn and is for it, she’s making utterly nonsensical claims that somehow there can be an open border in Ireland whilst separating from the customs union and single market.

This was always a stupid claim, which is why Boris Johnson keeps making it. He’s thicker than mince.

The EU has proposed in turn that the Irish border stay open, preserving the peace process, and an new effective border in the Irish sea be used to patrol trafficking between Britain and the EU. May says this would undermine the integrity of the UK. Not to mention cost her the DUP support she paid them a billion and  a half for.

Although May grasped the consequences of Brexit when she was Home Secretary campaigning against it, she appears to have lost her marbles now she is Prime Minister and trying to stay in Downing Street by campaigning for it.

You simply cannot trust Tories to keep a story or argument straight. Or trust them, period.

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