Theresa May is an untrustworthy scumbag

Theresa May accused of trying to block ‘meaningful vote’ on Brexit deal won by MPs

Theresa May has been accused of planning to thwart the “meaningful vote” on the Brexit deal won by MPs last week, after repeatedly refusing to stand by the commitment.

The Prime Minister failed – five times – to guarantee the vote would be on a Bill, allowing it to be amended, or for her to be sent back to Brussels to seek better terms if her deal is rejected.

Instead, Ms May appeared to suggest it would remain what was dubbed a “take it or leave it” vote, allowing the Government to press head with Brexit – even if MPs object.

You cannot trust a single word this vile woman says. She is either too stupid to understand the question, or too dodgy to answer it honestly.

I don’t know which is worse… a stupid prime minister or one who wants absolute ministerial power.

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