Theresa May chooses her adviser unwisely. Not much surprise there.

EU Parliament Brexit chief accuses one of Theresa May’s closest allies of spreading ‘far-right’ propaganda about George Soros

The adviser in question is Nick Timothy in The Daily Telegraph, an article which accused Jewish businessman Mr Soros of a “secret plot” to thwart Brexit.

Soros did donate £400,000 to anti-Brexit campaigners. That’s true. He didn’t do it secretly, it was announced.

Soros, like many British citizens including this one, thinks Brexit is the stupidity of the century. There is nothing wrong with opposing Brexit. It was an idiotic decision, made without full information, and in an avalanche of lies by Brexiteers like Johnson and Gove. It can be reversed as it should be, if enough people act to make that happen.

Soros is Hungarian, and reviled by Hungary’s far right government.

May’s advisor went on to claim: “that Mr Soros had a hand in the downfall of Russian-backed regimes in both Georgia and Ukraine, and that he is behind an “ultra-liberal crusade” in Hungary.”

And what, pray tell (if the accusation is true and given the source that’s unclear), is wrong with liberating countries from Russian mobsters like Putin, or advocating for liberalism in Hungary? If it’s all done openly, as it is, and not secretly, as May’s misbegotten adviser claims, what’s the issue?

The issue is obvious. The far right in Britain do not like opposition, so they will do everything they can to undermine it. They’ve never been convinced by democracy. They like plutocracy much more. Nick Timothy reminds me of Donald Trump. Far too much fondness for Russian oligarchs.

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